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Professional Advice from a Mortgage Broker
Getting sound financial advice before taking out a mortgage is certainly a wise thing to do for everyone interested in a mortgage. It can prevent an applicant from applying for a mortgage that would be wrong for them and their personal situation...

Revealed – The Problems You Could Face By Not Using a Mortgage Broker
A mortgage broker will help anyone who is looking for a suitable mortgage to find one, but without the hassles of doing it all themselves. Unfortunately there are still people who would prefer to find their own mortgage, but this can cause problems...

Get a Mortgage with Bad Credit with Help from a Mortgage Broker
Many people with bad credit incorrectly assume that they will not be able to secure a mortgage. In actual fact it is possible to obtain a mortgage when you have bad credit, it is just applicants will have to pay more interest on that mortgage.

Tasks Undertaken by a Mortgage Broker
Find out the lengths that your mortgage broker will go to when getting you loan pre-approval

What can a Mortgage Broker do for You?
Whilst the internet can be a real help when it comes to gaining information on mortgages, a lot of people would prefer to speak to a real person. This is where a mortgage broker can come in so very handy. So what can a mortgage broker do for you?

Separate the Good Mortgage Deals from the Bad with a Mortgage Broker
Finding a good deal when you are applying for a mortgage might sound quite easy

Forget the Hard Sell with a Mortgage Broker
People who want to save themselves a lot of time, effort and frustration when looking for a mortgage use the services of a mortgage broker.

Reasons to use a Mortgage Broker
When it comes to making sure that you have the very best, most suitable mortgage it pays to get professional advice

Save Time with a Mortgage Broker
Whilst you can do your own research on all the types of mortgage and their plus points it can take forever. A mortgage broker can help you free up time.

What is a Mortgage Broker?
If you are looking for a mortgage you should enlist the help of a mortgage broker. Having an individual like this assist you when you are looking for the right mortgage can be a massive help. Yet many people, especially first time buyers might not have heard of a mortgage broker...

Interest Rates 2009
Home loan interest rates have fallen consistantly since September 2008, but there is mixed feelings over where rates will go now.

Home Equity
Borrowers taking out an equity release loan can take the funds either in a lump sum, or in smaller, regular installments.

What is a construction home loan?
Construction loans allow you to borrow funds for the project with small monthly repayments as the loan starts as interest only.

How long does pre-approval take?
Usually it is very quick - you can have preapproval within 24 hours, as long as your financial documents are in order and you qualify.

Stamp Duty Australia
The value of stamp duty which must be paid varies from state to state, house to house, dependent on the value of the home.

Fixed Mortgage
Fixed rates have already started moving up, even though the Reserve Bank of Australia is expected to keep lowering the cash rate this year.

Reserve Bank leaves interest rates unchanged
In a sign that the economy may be showing signs of a recovery the RBA has left rates at 3.25 per cent.

Latest Interest Rate news
The RBA cut official interest rates by 1 per cent following their February meeting.

Australian House Prices
House prices have fallen across Australia over the past year.

3rd party mortgage
The owners of that asset pledges it as security for another party’s loan.

Mortgage Repossession
The good news is there are many things that home owners can do to save their home from repossession.

Mortgage Brokers Australia
Why you should talk to a mortgage broker and how to find a great broker in your area.

Valuation Fee
This fee covers the cost of the property being valued so the lender is aware of the security against the loan.

First home buyers changes
All you need to know about the recent changes to the first home buyers grant.

Cash Rate Predictions
Predictions for 2009 and what the rate cuts mean for your mortgage.

Cancel Fixed Rate
Are you are thinking about refinancing but are trapped in a fixed rate mortgage?

Bendigo Bank Interest Rate Cut
Bendigo Bank have cut their standard variable home loan rate by 1.00%

Australian Interest Rates
Interest rates in Australia have fallen for the fourth consecutive month

St George Bank Rate Cut: latest news
St George cut home loan rates in time for Christmas lowering their standard variable by 85 basis points.

How to Pay off Your Mortgage Earlier
By paying off the loan at the higher amount, borrowers reduce the debt much quicker.

How the interest rate cuts affect home owners
Will lenders pass on the full rate cut?

Interest Rate Predictions
Further rate cuts for December

Aussie Home Loan: interest rates
Aussie Home Loans is one of Australia's non-bank mortgage lenders

Bad Credit Mortgage
Had credit problems in the past but want to buy a property?

Interest Only Mortgages
Suitable for borrowers who are looking for lower repayments

Fixed Rate Mortgage
Should you consider a fixed rate mortgage?

Looking for a Mortgage Lender
How do you choose which lender to go to?

First Home Saving Account
Earlier this year the Federal Government announced a new scheme to offer assistance to people wishing to save funds to buy a property.

Reciprocal Links
Reciprocal Links

Top 3 Ways Mortgage Brokers Can Stay On Top of Their Game
Real estate professionals such as mortgage brokers can use this down time to sharpen certain skills

Shopping For A Loan? How to Interview your Mortgage Broker
Don’t just pick any mortgage broker out of the phone book when shopping for a loan. Ask them questions and be sure that you both, as a team, are working toward the same goal.

Mortgage Broker Acronyms Explained
Have you ever found yourself in a conversation with a real estate professional that leaves you dumfounded at their industry’s jargon?

Three Common Misconceptions of Mortgage Brokers
There a few misconceptions associated with the mortgage broker profession. In reality, mortgage brokers and their respective brokerages have come along way from the days of selling loans simply for profit purposes.

How Do You Know if You Have a Good Mortgage Broker?
How Do You Know if You Have a Good Mortgage Broker?

A Mortgage Broker Can Be Your Best Friend
That is right. A mortgage broker can be your best friend

Mortgage Broker : Translator, Negotiator, and Ally.
Purchasing a home can be a confusing time for first time home buyers. In the game of the purchasing and selling of Real Estate there are 5 main players. The buyer, seller, their respective real estate agents, lender, and most importantly, the mortgage broker.

How Can you Find the Right Mortgage Broker?
In today’s topsy-turvy real estate market, you may wonder if it is possible to locate a good mortgage broker who can truly represent your needs to potential lenders. Maybe you have been scared off by some of the recent news reports regarding falling real estate prices and higher interest rates.

Should You Choose a Mortgage Broker or a Lender?
So often when you need a loan, you also need somebody who can truly guide you through the process. A good mortgage broker recognizes all that is happening for you,

Are the Mortgage Broker Fees Worth It?
There has been more than one person looking for a lender who grumbled or complained about the need to pay the mortgage broker fees as a part of getting a loan or just having to pay what they thought was too much.

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